A capable, rough-hewn leading man, his toothy grin and lanky body made him a perfect tough-guy in numerous leading and supporting roles in westerns and action films, such as The Magnificent Seven, Hell Is for Heroes, The Great Escape, Major Dundee, Our Man Flint, In Like Flint, Duck, You Sucker, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Charade, and Cross of Iron.

 Film Year
Ride Lonesome1959
Face of a Fugitive1959
The Magnificent Seven1960
The Murder Men1961
Hell Is for Heroes1962
The Great Escape1963
The Man from Galveston1963
Action on the Beach1964
The Americanization of Emily1964
Major Dundee1965
A High Wind in Jamaica1965
The Loved One1965
Our Man Flint1966
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?1966
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round1966
In Like Flint1967
Waterhole No. 31967
The President’s Analyst1967
Hard Contract1969
Last of the Mobile Hot Shots1970
Duck, You Sucker!1971
The Carey Treatment1972
The Honkers1972
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die1972
Bruce Lee: The Man and The Legend1973
Harry in Your Pocket1973
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid1973
The Last of Sheila1973
The Internecine Project1974
Bite the Bullet1975
Hard Times1975
Sky Riders1976
The Last Hard Men1976
White Rock1977
Cross of Iron1977
California Suite1978
The Dain Curse1978
The Dain Curse1978
Speed Forever1979
The Muppet Movie1979
The Baltimore Bullet1980
Loving Couples1980
Mr. Patman1980
High Risk1981
High Risk1981
Martin’s Day1985
Death of a Soldier1986
Walking After Midnight1988
Call From Space1989
Train to Heaven1990
Young Guns II1990
Hudson Hawk1991
The Player1992
Curse of the Dragon1993
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit1993
The Set-Up1995
The Nutty Professor1996
Ben Johnson: Third Cowboy on the Right1996
Keys to Tulsa1997
The Disappearance Of Kevin Johnson1997
The Good Doctor2000
Texas Rangers2001
The Yellow Bird2001
The Man from Elysian Fields2001
Monsters, Inc.2001
Snow Dogs2002
American Gun2002


Coburn also appeared in dozens of television roles including, with Roberts, several episodes of NBC’s Bonanza. He appeared twice each on two other NBC westerns Tales of Wells Fargo with Dale Robertson, one episode in the role of Butch Cassidy, and The Restless Gun with John Payne in “The Pawn” and “The Way Back”, the latter segment alongside Bonanza’s Dan Blocker.

 TV Program Episode Year
Alfred Hitchcock PresentsThe Jokester1958
The CaliforniansOne Ton of Peppercorns
An Act of Faith
State TrooperHard Money, Soft Touch1959
The DuPont Show with June AllysonThe Girl1959
The Life and Legend of Wyatt EarpThe Noble Outlaws1959
The TexanFriend of the Family1960
TateHome Town1960
The RiflemanYoung Englishman
The High Country
Tales of Wells FargoButch Cassidy
The Wayfarers
Tombstone TerritoryThe Gunfighter1959
Bat MastersonThe Black Pearls
Six Feet of Gold
Wanted: Dead or AliveReunion For Revenge
The Kovack Affair
The Trial
Bourbon Street BeatTarget of Hate1960
BroncoPayroll of the Dead
Shadow of Jesse James
How Gun Will TravelOne Came Back
The Gladiators
KlondikeKlondike Fever
River of Gold
Saints and Stickups
The Unexpected Candidate
Keys to Trouble
Swoger’s Mule
Taste of Danger
Bare Knuckles
The Man Who Owned Skagway
The Hostages
Peter GunnThe Murder Clause1960
LawmanThe Catcher
The Showdown
The DeputyThe Truly Yours1960
AcapulcoBell’s Half Acre
Killer in a Rose Colored Mask
The Gentleman from Brazil
Carbon Copy Cat
Fisher’s Daughter
Death Is a Smiling Man
Blood Money
Murder with Love
The Brothers BrannaganDeath is Not Deductible1961
The OutlawsCulley1961
LaramieThe Mark of the Maneaters1961
CheyenneTrouble Street1961
The Tall manThe best Policy1961
BonanzaThe Truckee Strip
The Dark Gate
The UntouchablesThe Jamaica Ginger Story1961
Perry MasonThe Case of Envious Editor
The Case of the Angry Astronaut
CheckmateA Chant of Silence1962
RawhideThe Hostage Child1962
The Twilight ZoneThe Old Man in the Cave1963
The Greatest Show On EarthUncaged1963
The Eleventh HourOh, You Shouldn’t Have Done It1963
Stoney BurkeThe Test1963
Route 66Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep1964
The DefendersThe Man Who Saved His Country1964
Bracken’s WorldFallen, Fallen Is Babylon1970
The Dain Curse 1978
The Muppet Show 1980
Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls 1981
DarkroomClosed Circuit
Stay Tuned, We’ll Be Right Back
The Bogeyman Will Get You
Uncle George
Siege of 31 August
A Quiet Funeral
The Partnership
Lost in Translation
Exit Line
The Rarest of Wines
Who’s There?
ExplorerOnce Upon A Time In Afghanistan (Afghanistan)
In The Foot Steps Of Genghis Khan (Afghanistan)
Land of the Living Gods
Kingdom Beneath The Sky
Lost Road To Nubia (Ethiopia)
Bodies of Art, Bodies of Pandora
Sanctuaries of Stone (Ethiopia)
Land of Sheba (Ethiopia)
Orphans of the Sun
Magic Healing, Magic Death
Wolves of Freedom
Puppets of God
And The Gods Moved to Taiwan
Between Gods & Men
Journal from India
In The Wheels Of Karma
the Last Empire of Sailing
Festival of Tears
Dancers of Evil (Sri Lanka)
Tooth of Buddha (Sri Lanka)
Blue Men of the Sahara
From Timbuktu To The Stars (Burkina Faso)
Kaaba Center of the Universe
Bandits, Pirates, Flying Carpets
Jungles of Borneo (Indonesia)
Headhunters of Borneo (Indonesia)
Mailbu 1983
Draw 1984
Faerie Tale TheatrePinocchio1984
Sins of the Father 1985
The Edge and Beyond 1988-1990
The Inifite Voyage 1990-1991
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersLast of Her Kind
Plunder Dam
Don’t Drink the Water
The Ultimate Pollution
Mission to Save Earth: Part 1
Mission to Save Earth: Part 2
Domes of Doom
Send in the Clones
The Fine Print
The Blue Car Line
Summit to Save Earth: Part 1
Summit to Save Earth: Part 2
Fare Thee Whale
Bitter Waters
The Night of the Wolf
Crash Landing: the Rescue of Flight 232 1990
Hollywood Stuntmakers 1991
Shark Chronicles 1991
Murder, She WroteDay of the Dead1992
National Lampoon’s True Facts 1992
The Fifth Corner 1992
Christmas Reunion 1993
The Hit List 1993
Mike & Spike 1994
The Avenging Angel 1995
Picket FencesUpbringings1995
Ray Alexander: A Menu for Murder 1995
The Cherokee Kid 1996
The Second Civil War 1997
ProfilerShadow of Angels1997
Mr. Murder 1998
Noah’s Ark 1999
Vengeance UnlimitedJudgment1999
Shake, Rattle & Roll: An American Love Story 1999
Missing Pieces 2000
Walter and Henry 2001
Arli$$The Immortal2002